Bian Variani T-Shirt

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Bian Variani T-Shirt

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The Bian Variani leather belts are defiantly an investment piece.  His handmade creations have a opulent style, uniquely innovative with rebellious and luxurious yet slightly feminine undertones, an ethereal quality that makes him a favourite designer of  many celebrities. Variani’s signature style craftsmanship is a rarity among designers giving his pieces their status.


A Renaissance Man of the Post-Modern Age. Fashion is not an occupation, it is a lifestyle of temporal pleasures and whole-hearted embrace of Bian Variani’s exclusive designs. Bian does not take the back seat to the clothes he designs, but revels in the cult of celebrity he has created for himself, both through his work and through his association with his celebrity clientele.

Variani has developed an appreciation for fashion at a very early age and learned the intricacies of cut, construction and fit while studying fashion in Milan Italy.

Variani has capitalized on understanding that a memorable runway show is perhaps the most effective marketing tool designers have at their disposal. Bian is recognized by local fashion industry insiders as a marketing genius. Indeed, his runway shows are stunning visual displays, with everything from hip-hop dancers and live acts, to exotic cars and motorcycles on the catwalk, to

Variani himself skydiving onto the stage. These shows provide the ultimate venue for self-exposure in the city where the hype of a good show often draws a bigger crowd than a display of the hottest fashion trends for the coming season.

Variani’s showmanship provides a good insight into his design philosophy, dare to be different. Variani’s inspiration is culture itself, and his designs reference everything from urban music to celebrity lifestyles of glamour and excess. Ultimately, Variani’s message is based on the celebration of individual expression.

Variani himself is something of a Renaissance Man. Well-read and well-travelled, he has studied everything from

fashion to marketing to business law. His approach to design, though, is decidedly post-modern. In an era when personal identity is characterized not by a singular unified look but by a collection of various facets, Variani’s clothes serve to expose the more vibrant

traits of today’s fashion-conscious consumer. Variani explains, we are all entertainers looking through a wardrobe of personalities. This is why Variani’s clothes are designed to help his clientele express exactly who they are as opposed to dictating who they should be.

Bian Variani Carbon Fiber Belt

The Bian Variani Brand

Bian Variani has been a name synonymous with innovation. A leader in fashion design and technology, and perpetual challenge to accepted standards and norms, BV has quickly built a renowned reputation in Canada and beyond for a approach to design built upon precision, sophistication and the pride in craftsmanship that’ll stand the test of time. All offerings beneath the BV umbrella have been created with a vision to complement the fashionistas, the trendsetters, and the street couture society. The Variani commitment to all our clients is: first class on design today, and a eye on breaking new grounds tomorrow!

What I Design?

The Bian Variani brand focuses on signature designed products that are cutting edge in both design and technology. Innovative and quality products is the foundation of our goals. We challenge innovation daily and take the dare-to-be-different approach in everything we do. We strive to empower personality through design.

Bian Variani Leather Belt


Bespoke Leather Belts & Buckles

As part of our quest to provide leather pieces that will stand the test of time, we are meticulous in sourcing  Italian leather that is solely 100% full grain. Our European made signature leather belts are vegetable-tanned and are entirely designed and hand-crafted at the Bian Variani fashion-house in the heart of Vancouver. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality leather that will last you a lifetime.

Bian Variani Leather Purse


Leather Wallets & Purses

Luxury Mens Wallets and Women’s Purses, 100% Full Grain Leather.

Bian Variani Leather Racing Jacket


Leather Jackets

Luxury Mens and Women’s Jackets, 100% Full Grain Leather.

Hand Made Logo


Bian Variani (BV) Runners


Casual to designer footwear.  Women’s high-end stilettos and Mens high-end shoes with the BV yellow bottom trademark.



Elegant Watches with a focus on functionality. We dare to break the laws of design by mastering them.

Bian Variani Diamond Watch


Leather Tools for Belt Manufacturing

Desktop tools for making professional leather belts. We design our own brand of leather strip cutters, edge painters, manual punch's, belt drying stands and more.

Bian Variani Leather Belt Strap Hand Press and Punch.